Magic Milk and Super Soup.

So, over the weekend I read about ‘Golden Milk’ also known as ‘Magic Milk’ in my brain, which is a magical blend of ingredients that creates a golden coloured drink, and actually next time I think I will add extra chilli, and have it as a soup. It was ok, not amazing but drinkable and with the addition of chilli and reduction in coconut oil I think I will enjoy it even more. You just have to find the blend that works for your tastes.

Magic Milk Recipe:
2 cups almond milk
1 tablespoon coconut oil (this is optional and I will reduce this next time I make it)
1 teaspoon organic ground turmeric
1 cinnamon stick or 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ( I used a stick but will use ground next time as I just couldn’t taste the cinnamon)
1 teaspoon ground ginger or grated fresh ginger

So, you basically chuck everything into a pan, and boil until it is golden ( I think more florescent yellow tbh).

Tips: leave it to cool down, I burnt my tongue trying to drink it straight away. And it took forever to cool down. Then straight after drink water.

Super Soup:
1 large organic parsnip
3 small organic carrots
1 cup of water
1 teaspoon organic turmeric
5 x organic bitter apricot kernels
Sprinkle of ginger, chilli and black pepper

I blended the veggies, and apricot kernels into a smooth pulp with the water; and then put in a pan to heat and add all the spices. I added cheese, as I believe in a high fat diet so needed to get my fats in. It was tasty and good for me. And meant I had a delicious no meat day.

So the magic ingredient in both my creations was Turmeric. Turmeric is said to inhibit several types of cancer cells ( oesophagus, mouth, intestines, stomach, breast & skin) and slows the growth and spread down. The active ingredient in Turmeric is curcumin, and is an antioxidant that can protect the body’s cells from damage caused by free radicals and interferes with molecular pathways involved in cancer development, growth and spread.
Human studies are in their early stages, and some research even suggests it protects against liver disease, as well as stimulating the gallbladder and circulatory system and can help ward off parasites and bacteria that can build toxins in the body.

So basically, eat & drink turmeric for your general health and to protect against and reduce the growth and spread of cancer. Eat for health, and add herbs and spices to create deliciously tasty meals that can be enjoyed by everyone.



The First Shower.

So I can shower now! Result. So I am sat here for the first time in 2 weeks feeling properly clean, thanks to my Dr Berry coconut shower gel and moisturiser.
I smell positively tropical, and in true girl style I contemplated MY world for half hour with the water beating over my head.
In short my shower, was where I contemplated life. What I want in life. A bit heavy for a Tuesday morning I know. But yesterday I was delivered the test results from my team: the surgeon, the breast care nurse and the consulting doctor.
In short it’s worse than expected. But, there are positives. It has been upped a grade, from 2 to 3, meaning it is more aggressive than was first thought. The main tumour is a whopping 40mm and there was no ‘safe zone’ so to speak. The tumour hits the chest wall. Which, I am making assumptions here, I’m no doctor, but I assume that probably means a higher risk of spread potential.
There is also something called lypho-vascular invasion. Which means that throughout the left breast the cancer has spread in every ‘block from medial to lateral and including beneath the nipple’. Basically it was summarised to me “wherever cancer could settle it has.”
The good news, yes there is some! It didn’t infiltrate my lymph nodes, which means it hasn’t spread through my lymphatic system which is one of the main risks of breast cancer, the lymph under the arm pit is so close it can spread fast into the system and then becomes harder to treat due to secondary tumours. The second bit of good news, there was no cancer in my right breast, which post MRI Scan there had been a scare that it was present.
So two bad, two good. So I guess we could say Im neutral, but it didn’t and still doesn’t feel like that. I know I am miss positivity and I truly believe a positive head will get me through this, but sometimes you have to ride the wave of emotion and just accept the inner sadness, anger and fear. And then come out fighting with a smile on your face.
Treatment: They are strongly recommending chemotherapy, radiotherapy and 5 years of hormones – tamoxifen. Quite a daunting prospect at 30. Especially when you haven’t been married or had children and have nothing behind you, due to appalling personal circumstances that I may well write about one day. But that won’t be today.
I continue to hold the belief that chemotherapy is not always the be all and end all of treatment, and is one of the ‘standard’ treatments that are dished out to all, without individual thought for a treatment plan as well as that your quality of life at the time and post treatment is reduced.
So the stresses are big and very real and keeping stress free is critical to reducing your acidity in the body. So meditation has become a must for me.
And, my non-traditional research continues, I am in the process of arranging to speak with a doctor in Malaysia who is an expert in cellular medicine used to treat cancer. As well as exploring vitamin c and micronutrients.
I will also explore the traditional methods, I’m not casting aside conventional medicine or what the benefits are, I just want all the information before I make decisions as to if I have chemotherapy or not; or if I combine chemotherapy with alternative treatments such as the vitamin C IV Drips.

I have always hated being pressured into doing things, and I do currently feel like I am being backed into a corner by the medical profession and now my parents, who once supported my choices and now seem to think I am doing things because people are telling me too. Which is not the case. I’m just not comfortable putting my life in peoples hands when I don’t know all the facts and figures, my late running coach, always used to say he had to explain everything to me more than others as I always wanted to understand the reason and the benefits to certain types of training sessions. Ultimately, it’s my body, my life and my future. It’s me it is happening to and responsibility of what course of treatment I go with is on me, I have to own it, believe it and know I’m doing the best for me!




Goodbye Dracula’s Handbags.

Today, I had my drains removed! Aka Dracula’s handbags!

I was so excited going to the hospital. Since the operation I have only left home twice, each time to visit the hospital. And today was a good day as I felt a little better and knew I would come out feeling even better still.
Especially as my left drain had been leaking out onto the dressing and been sore for the past few days, plus I desperately wanted a shower.

Well, no one tells you how odd and uncomfortable having drains pulled out is. The weird little feeling when they clamp the tubes to pull the bottom off to stop the vacuum, is like a little sucking sensation, followed by a few tugs and then cutting the stitches with a blade followed by the deep breath and the sharp tug when you feel the drain come out from all the way round your boob. It is such a weird and somewhat painful sensation. The left side hurt far more than the right side.

So the bad news, I still can’t shower! But hopefully Monday I can, after they remove the dressings. Until then I am allowed to sit in the bath if I don’t get the dressings wet.

I set up a Facebook page today so please go and like it, it’s called Melinda Cooksey Toxin Free Living, so search me and like it please.

It’s world happiness day tomorrow. So make sure you stay positive all day, and smile at everyone you see!




Day 40.

So today I started my blog, under a hope and belief that I can spread what I learn from my research on non-conventional cancer treatment. As well as show how beneficial toxin free and organic living can be for everyone.

I got diagnosed with breast cancer 40 days ago. It has truly been a whirl wind of emotions. My life honestly got turned upside down but I am proud to say so far I have faced this with a positive frame of mind, mostly. I don’t think I would be human if I hadn’t broken down a few times, got angry a few times and been down right confused and pathetic at moments. But honestly I can sit back, so far and say I’m proud, proud to say I have faced this with a smile on my face and a belief that I will benefit in the long term with a new stress free, calm, clean, toxin free living and eating lifestyle.

I’m sat 8 days post double mastectomy, 5 lymph nodes lighter and new implants that were put in under my muscles with a collagen mesh in each side, made from pigs (but the DNA is removed) in each side with a drips coming from each of my sides. I carry two pretty little bags (non-matching) made by the wonderful women of the women’s institute that hide the blood bottles as I call them, these are being removed tomorrow and I honestly can’t wait for them to be taken out, I catch them on everything in site pillows, chairs, you name it I’ve got caught around it with these tubes.

In toxin free living news my organic veggie box from a local farm got delivered earlier, I love that it comes covered in dirt. I don’t know why but I do! And, my mom has just washed my hair in my faith in nature: jojoba shampoo and conditioner that is paraban free, SLES free, free from artificial colours and perfumes, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Smells pretty good and leaves my hair feeling super clean and it doesn’t get to greasy either.

I’ve been sugar free all day, even though I am surrounded by chocolate and cake that I have been given, and eaten a high fat low carb organic diet all day. And a week since being diagnosed. I have eaten the odd slice of cake, and chocolate at times but I am sticking to as low sugar and carbs as I can to starve the cancer. It makes me feel healthier and the fact is every single visitor I have had has said I look better than they expected and I can only put this down to a good diet plan and loads of micronutrients: mainly vitamin c and digestive enzymes being my key in my non-conventional fight against cancer.