About Me, About this Blog.

The heavy beginning: I started this Blog on the 18th March 2015. 40 days after I got diagnosed with stage 2 multi-site lobular breast cancer. (Post op this was amended to stage 3).

Why: well being diagnosed with breast cancer, when you a) have small boobs, b) don’t smoke, c) eat healthily (most of the time) d) exercise regularly e) have good health f) no family history g) I’m 30…. Is well …. What can only be described as a complete AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH moment. 

When you have always taken care of yourself, always been healthy and done all the right things (you think) it is scary to think it is you that gets it. The emotional journey you go through, the physical one and spiritual journey is massive. 

I wanted to share my conventional and non-conventional journey findings in hope I can spread the knowledge that I have learnt and am still learning. 

I am now an advocate for toxin free living, organic food, meditation, happiness and stress-free living in the search of a better life that for me is cancer free and ultimately happy. 

One thought on “About Me, About this Blog.

  1. Hi Melinda,
    My name is Louise, I am part of a team developing a new documentary series in the UK all about clean-living and living toxin-free. Your blog is incredibly inspirational and I would love to chat to you about your lifestyle and how you implement toxin-free living in your day to day eating and beauty regimes.
    I can’t find any contact details for you, so I’m hoping you pick up this message!
    I hope to hear from you soon,


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