Love thy neighbour

I know, I haven’t written here for a while, and actually, I tried to close the blog down but somehow randomly it survived. Since ceasing writing this, life has had its ups and downs and a bit of nonchalant thrown in the mix.

I have also recently, felt quite down- toxic even. Negative, angry, sad thoughts have circled my head, round and round like a helium ballon without a knot and I have allowed this to take over my conscious, and i won’t lie, I am worried it will be back as quickly as I feel I have shaken this perspective.

Life can be tough sometimes, for a million reasons or for no reasons at all. But what I have realised is it helps to get out of your own ass and be kind to people. Even if it is just a text to say ‘hey I’m thinking of you’ or cooking a meal.

Being nice to others, makes you feel nice.