What has cancer taught me? To rest! That sometime you need to relax and just go to bed early. 

I have had an absolutely manic day cleaning and scrubbing for hours and hours and I’m really tired. I have also been looking forward to going to the gym all day. But I have learned over the last year that when I’m tired, it’s far better to rest than to push myself. So although I am disappointed that I can’t go to the gym, I’m am proud of myself for not listening to the obsessive exercise demon that is in me and just taking it easy instead. 

Of course I could go to the gym and force myself, and I would do a session and be pleased! But in the long run it might do more harm than good. 

Adversity has made me appreciate myself and taught me to listen to my body and tonight is a Netflix and early to bed night! 


The Many Hairstyles of Cancer! #worldcancerday


This is my video of some (not all) of my wigs, scarfs, hats, and looks through my cancer diagnosis and treatment for #worldcancerday.

I have put this together to try to raise awareness for Cancer and treatment and how it affects you and how you can stay Positive throughout the battle!

I am currently raising money to create a website and App to help people after a cancer diagnosis and treatment get back to ‘normal life’, but I don’t want it to be normal, I want them all to feel better than ever! This website and app will focus on getting fitness back, a healthy cancer prevention diet (that will help with weight loss too), and mental strength and stress reduction. I will also give tips on beauty, and toxin free products that can help to reduce toxicity and illness!

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