2 years past: too GLAM to give a DAMN

Ok, so today is my sisters birthday – happy birthday big sis 😘! And it’s also my 2 year mark since being told I had breast cancer. 

So, I guess I feel I should post a blog. Maybe, it should be motivational/ goal orientated; hummm maybe it should be reminiscing over this day two years ago; maybe, it should be a scared post or a scientific post. 

I guess, in all honesty I don’t really know what to say.

 It’s two years, and I am the happiest I have ever been. 

I’m not scared, I’m not sad I’m just me! I smile and laugh everyday! And I mean proper tears in eyes laughter! 

I managed to get employed again – yeah- and I love it – I’m chilled, it’s a nice place to work and I have met some pretty cool people that I now see every day (ok – Monday to friday). 

I am happy. Obviously I’m not a mentalist I have my off days, my moody moments, sad moments but in general I bounce back faster than ever! And I don’t really think about the fact that I had no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, got fat, pale, tired and sick for the best part of a year. 

I am happy to say I’m a little bit random, weird and just well ME! 

And I suppose I just want anyone who is at the diagnosis day, who’s searching the internet for hope (like I did) to know, it’s not the end, it’s not an easy ride, granted… but if and when you are lucky enough to get to the other side,  you somehow appreciate life that little bit more! I live life for now, for the experiences, the memories not the bank balance and however you may think this will ruin you, crush you…. it doesn’t. 

And I definitely feel like I am

Too glam to give a damn, about what anyone thinks, about what I should be doing , about how my life should have panned out! 

Oh and I have hair! 😂😬(ok half of it is extensions, but like I said I’m just so glam I don’t give a damn it’s not my own hair! (You can’t even tell I have hair in this photo – but I like it so it’s going in the blog!) 

Over and out! 

Now to drink wine 🍷 oh and book a holiday ☀️… why, because I can! 

P.s. Thank you to everyone that has encouraged, loved me and made me laugh over the last couple of years and long may it continue! 😘

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