It’s here. #earthday 2016. Make sure today, you take a moment to appreciate the trees and wildlife around you. Earth day to do’s: Walk to town instead of driving. Plant a tree for someone special instead of buying packaged gifts. Grow your own veg (using less pesticides). Give back to the soil and the trees! 🌲🌳♻️ #earthday #earthday2016

Bitter Apricot Kernels as Cancer Treatment. 

So as of this week I am back on the apricot kernels, the natural cancer killer. After getting my bone scan results on Monday, I am trying not to breakdown into tears, or any other crazies. Instead I moped for a couple of days and then dug out my apricot kernels. I am eating 15-25 a day. In 5s. Anymore and you can actually poison yourself with cyanide! But at this dose you can remain ok and have the best chance to fight off any stray cancer cells. My scan result showed a black mark on my ribs. Which could be a broken bone that I didn’t know about (as my friends have said I am superwoman!) or cancer or I guess something else.

The body creates a load of random things so it really could be anything. 

I’m off for a PET scan in the next few weeks to determine what the ‘shadow’ is on the back of my ribs! Here’s hoping for a broken rib! 

But until I get the scan and the results. I will be eating my Apricot kernels full of benzaldehyde and cyanide, to kill off cancer! 

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