Water, water everywhere and all of it I can drink! 

So, everyone knows I don’t like the Floride and chlorine in the tap water, and I don’t like all the packaging waste of bottled water daily! So what is a girl to do?

Well, get a Gentoo plus jug! It’s water for life, ok I have to replace filters but it is great.

Removes chlorine and Floride

Alkalises water to 8-8.5ph

BPA Free plastic

Removes harmful chemicals and bacteria.

Basically it’s a 6 stage filter. The water glistens, it’s healthy, alkaline, and is good for you, with minimal waste. So I am a happy Eco geek!


* purchased from eBay (also on Amazon)

Breast cancer transformation app! 

As many of my friends and family know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 6th Feb 2015.  Along the way I have met some truly inspirational people and have been supported by an amazing network of friends and family. 

I have never felt so loved and cared for. But I know from speaking with other women in the same situation this is not always the case. 

  I was going through a tough time with cancer treatment and also personal circumstances but I found and created my own unique lifestyle plan that kept me going throughout treatment and now that it is finished I am transitioning back to non-cancer life, and have created a plan to get fit, lose weight (whilst eating healthy), de-toxify my mind and body and keep stress to a minimum all whilst starting to work again. 

I have found, and many other women have related that there is a big gap of care for women who have undergone treatment and then want to make it back into ‘normal’ life.   Exercise is harder after 1,2,3 of the following: operations, chemo and radiotherapy. And it is suggested that it can take 12-24 months to fully get over the fatigue and side effects of chemo and radiation. 

Not to mention if like me, a lot of women are then placed on hormone effecting drugs like tamoxifen, which contain a whole heap of side effects including weight gain. It can feel like a never ending battle to get back into your jeans and your life. 
Along the way a high proportion of women gain weight, their hair falls out, eyebrows and eye lashes are a distant memory. Confidence takes a nose dive and you are not the person you started out in the journey as. 

What I want to create is an app and website with a plan for women to be the best version of themselves. To be better than they ever were and for them to feel truely happy, healthy and wonderful. 

I want to create an app with a 12 week reformation/ transformation. Making these women the fittest, healthiest, and most confident version of themselves. 

I will give stress and lifestyle tips. 

Make up and health care tips. 

Toxin reduction tips and plans. 

Supplementation tips (such as vitamin c). 

Exercise plans.

healthy eating plans concentrating on reducing the acidity of the diet to keep cancer away. 

Stress relief and self confidence boost plans. 

I want the plans and app to be free for women with cancer to use. 

Please tap this link Transformation app to donate. 


Pink Hair, do you care? 

Well, I have always wanted dusty pink long hair, and well I have always been too scared to go for it! Well since the whole cancer thing, I have been more conscious of my image, how I look, no more are the days of leaving the house with no make up on or earrings in! 

Well I went for it and my beautiful hairdresser / good friend Dionne dyed it pink…. Bloody hair didn’t take so she did it again and I have electric pink hair! And well I’m learning how to rock it. I tried the messy look… Wasn’t for me, so I’m going with this more sleek version…. And adding ear cuffs and hoops.

I feel fresh and cool… I blatantly don’t sound it when I write that! Lol! But I had the courage to go for it. I’d normally talk about hair colours and then always ask for blonde anyway. And I have discovered hair grows! And so does confidence any women going through treatment … When you finish … Wack a crazy hair colour in your hair! It’s so much fun! 

I want to make all women realise how confident and wonderful they can be after cancer. Life is an adventure and I want to help women brave the elements and transform themselves into the best version of themselves! Like I am doing! So if you do want to support me with my project I am raising money to help fund the development of a phone app to help women get fit, get healthy, eat good food, stress less, lead a less toxic life and enjoy life more. 


My Makeup :

 eyebrow powder : lilo 

mascara: Inika

Eyeshadow: Inika 

Eye liner: Inika 


Hoops:  river island 

Ear cuff: miss selfridge 

 Hair products: no gel used, I used Fushi really good hair oil.