I’m back….. it’s been a while! But today at my first annual check I realised I survived, I conquered and I won the battle of my life … because it was me against my body gone mad!

  Well aren’t I the happy girl. 

Now to get my mojo back and work on the website. I’m back! 

A short but sweet start back to blogging, webbing, creating and fitness! I am feeling so happy right now! 

#motivated #workhard #breastcancer #thisgirlcan #chemotocool #website #app #fitness #motivated #fire

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  1. Congratulations I am so happy for you and all other survivors. I am in my 5th year now but I am still nervous about my check ups I don’t think it every goes away.i keep myself as fit as possible and try to eat healthy good luck for the future. Lynne.


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