Goodbye Dracula’s Handbags.

Today, I had my drains removed! Aka Dracula’s handbags!

I was so excited going to the hospital. Since the operation I have only left home twice, each time to visit the hospital. And today was a good day as I felt a little better and knew I would come out feeling even better still.
Especially as my left drain had been leaking out onto the dressing and been sore for the past few days, plus I desperately wanted a shower.

Well, no one tells you how odd and uncomfortable having drains pulled out is. The weird little feeling when they clamp the tubes to pull the bottom off to stop the vacuum, is like a little sucking sensation, followed by a few tugs and then cutting the stitches with a blade followed by the deep breath and the sharp tug when you feel the drain come out from all the way round your boob. It is such a weird and somewhat painful sensation. The left side hurt far more than the right side.

So the bad news, I still can’t shower! But hopefully Monday I can, after they remove the dressings. Until then I am allowed to sit in the bath if I don’t get the dressings wet.

I set up a Facebook page today so please go and like it, it’s called Melinda Cooksey Toxin Free Living, so search me and like it please.

It’s world happiness day tomorrow. So make sure you stay positive all day, and smile at everyone you see!




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