Day 40.

So today I started my blog, under a hope and belief that I can spread what I learn from my research on non-conventional cancer treatment. As well as show how beneficial toxin free and organic living can be for everyone.

I got diagnosed with breast cancer 40 days ago. It has truly been a whirl wind of emotions. My life honestly got turned upside down but I am proud to say so far I have faced this with a positive frame of mind, mostly. I don’t think I would be human if I hadn’t broken down a few times, got angry a few times and been down right confused and pathetic at moments. But honestly I can sit back, so far and say I’m proud, proud to say I have faced this with a smile on my face and a belief that I will benefit in the long term with a new stress free, calm, clean, toxin free living and eating lifestyle.

I’m sat 8 days post double mastectomy, 5 lymph nodes lighter and new implants that were put in under my muscles with a collagen mesh in each side, made from pigs (but the DNA is removed) in each side with a drips coming from each of my sides. I carry two pretty little bags (non-matching) made by the wonderful women of the women’s institute that hide the blood bottles as I call them, these are being removed tomorrow and I honestly can’t wait for them to be taken out, I catch them on everything in site pillows, chairs, you name it I’ve got caught around it with these tubes.

In toxin free living news my organic veggie box from a local farm got delivered earlier, I love that it comes covered in dirt. I don’t know why but I do! And, my mom has just washed my hair in my faith in nature: jojoba shampoo and conditioner that is paraban free, SLES free, free from artificial colours and perfumes, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Smells pretty good and leaves my hair feeling super clean and it doesn’t get to greasy either.

I’ve been sugar free all day, even though I am surrounded by chocolate and cake that I have been given, and eaten a high fat low carb organic diet all day. And a week since being diagnosed. I have eaten the odd slice of cake, and chocolate at times but I am sticking to as low sugar and carbs as I can to starve the cancer. It makes me feel healthier and the fact is every single visitor I have had has said I look better than they expected and I can only put this down to a good diet plan and loads of micronutrients: mainly vitamin c and digestive enzymes being my key in my non-conventional fight against cancer.


10 thoughts on “Day 40.

  1. I am so proud of you. …keep that positive attitude. Sometimes you got to make your self look healthy and beautiful on the outside and the inside will catch up eventually. Kick that C word right where it deserves it. Xxx

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    1. Thank you @lucia you are such a strong inspiration to me. And am definitely kicking it right where it hurts! 😂 it’s a new lifestyle for me and I love it. The diagnosis was just the nudge in the right direction. Xx


  2. Feel speechless hun,
    Can’t believe how quickly everything has happened.
    Your truly incredible and inspiring!!
    Sending you lots of love and speedy recovery wishes xx

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  3. I’m so pleased you done the blog. You’re the right person to do this & help & inspire people.

    Thank you for helping & inspiring me. You have been amazing to me.


    I felt the drain moving from the top of my breast when they were taking them out. It’s a weird feeling just take deep breaths. Thought I’d prepare you for the weird sensation



    1. Thank you Nicci, you know where I am, and I’m always at the end of the phone, as neither of us can move much at the moment. So if you need me just give me a call and we will positive affirmation it all out! 😘 thank you for your support xx


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