A Proud Day. The Fight Was Worth It.

So sometimes life can feel like a constant battle, yep, I testify to that statement! It can feel like everything and everyone is against you, and nothing goes in your favour. But it isn’t and they aren’t!
Fact is, whatever it concerns, if you know what you want, you will get it by using positive affirmations. Drown yourself in negativity and you will get bad results, and then when you wonder why that didn’t work for me, why don’t I get the cash, the relationship, the car I want? Well, you would if you just know what you want, believe you deserve it and ask for it and you will receive it. If you haven’t read the secret, or watched the movie, go check it out on netflics tonight.
So I have plenty of things I want, but the most crucial at the moment, is to do with my decision making, I have constantly said to everyone, I need a percentage, I need facts and figures to make my decision. I can’t go ahead with chemotherapy on the basis that I’m young, it just isn’t enough for me.
But I have asked, pushed, fought my corner all the way along with the NHS. And honourably ever request and argument I have given they have conceded too, they probably see my name on paper now and get as anxious as I do about going in to see them. I might be scared on the inside but I do my best to act fierce to them and I am so pleased to say they have put me forward for the genomic cancer test. It is expensive, a whopping £2,800 and is normally privately funded, but I am pleased to say, I am the first person in the country to get it paid for by the NHS, since its introduction into the system on the 30th March. So as this is now part of the system, if you are struggling with a chemotherapy decision, please ask your consultant if you are eligible for the test and if you can have it. Put your foot down, make them understand it is your life and you need to know! If like me you struggle to say it in person, the emotion gets to you, take a few days and compose an email, or letter to the consultant and team.
Knowledge is power! And doing my research has paid off! I find out in 2 weeks how effective chemotherapy will be for me in reducing my risk of getting cancer again.
Life is a funny thing, and I have learned through this that you have to respect and love yourself, I just wish I had sooner!

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3 thoughts on “A Proud Day. The Fight Was Worth It.

  1. hi there I am recently diagnosed and have a meeting with the oncologist in a couple of weeks re chemotherapy. I am at Royal Berkshire Hospital – interested to know where you are in case I too can get the genetic testing done. Will be interested to hear what happens with you and following along with interest.

    Plan for me currently involves chemo for 5 months then single mastectomy

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    1. Hi there @2to1boobs I’m based in Worcestershire. If you aren’t sure about chemo ask for the oncho test to be done on you. It has just been introduced onto the NHS and I am the first person to get it, but I am not the only one that will be having it done. It was trailed and found to be really helpful with establishing the right treatment. Keep me posted on your happening s and I will subscribe to your blog xx


      1. thanks – will ask about it. Apparently it is vailable on NHS since 1st Aprl but I am not sure if only available to those who have had mastectomy – and the removed breast tissue canbe tested – or whether it is available to those of us having chemo first using the biopsy tissue which was taken. Have appton Tue with oncologist so will ask. THanks for the info and support x


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