Sleep, glorious sleep. 

So some of you may or may not know I have become quite a night owl due to the post chemo steroids and then injections, and then just the aftermath of it leaving my body. It’s about 7-10 days of mindless nothingness and is some what annoying. 

On Tuesday or Wednesday of last week I went to see a lovely woman called Fiona, who practises Reiki, I was late (standard) but as a fellow breast cancer sufferer she spoke to me anyway and gave me a top tip about lavender and it can help you sleep! 2 drops of oil on a tissue (which I did and popped it under my pillow after I sniffed it a few times) or on the pillow case (no more as it will cause over stimulation) and it can also make your hair grow back quicker ( I’m not sure if that is through rubbing it on or sniffing it .well I am already finding coconut oil a good speed inducer for hair growth). 

So I dutifully enjoyed my chat and mini reiki with Fiona and will be going back for more! (She is wonderful gives 3 free sessions to other women who have gone through / or going through breast cancer and really cares).  

So off I popped home, had treatment, and scurried off to the shop I have bough spiritual  stones and gifts from in the past but today I was there to see if the lady behind the counter sold lavender oil… Which she did! Hoorarh 🎉 she also told me a purple amethyst stone under my pill (after I cleansed it in water) would help me sleep and calm my energies. So dutifully I purchased the two that cost me all of £3! Well worth the trip to but them. 

So last night, after my new advice (gentle telling off from my nurse) I took my steroid tablets earlier 7am and 6pm (it’s meant to be before 2pm but I forgot) I took two sleeping pills that my onchologist recommended. I used my old eye mask trick and ear plugs and I was alsleep from 12 – 8am (missing my steroid by an hour but I got up straight away and took them! 

So I’m feeling pretty happy that I trusted in my normal methods of doing it all and something or all of it will work. But I have to say the lavender was a lovely peaceful smell to have by me. Very calming and relaxing I would advise anyone to get some lavender and an amethyst crystal! For £3 it really can’t hurt giving it a try.  


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