This heat though! 

Omg this heat today has killed me! I’ve been feeling sick since last night my back is killing me, my head is throbbing, my mouth is all swelled up and I’m getting hot flushes in 30 degree heat! I want to strangle the sun! How old do I sound … 31 going on 101! 

 I know, I know,  I normally love the heat but this tax chemo and me are not getting on and just look at his smug smiley sunny face! 😡😡😡😂😂😂😂

I’m currently lay in a dark room with the window wide open and a fan blasting on me! But alas I’ll moan when it’s cold …. You watch! I’m so British aren’t I! 🙈😂 

But on another note, if I wasn’t feeling so hot and bothered and pained…. mentally I am feeling a lot better and am even looking forward to my mouth being better so I can eat all the pork scratchings my mom and dad bought me last night! Yes pork scratchings… I love them! A proper Black Country snack straight from the butcher! No they probably aren’t organic but they are butchers ones not packet ones! 🙈

They came to see me after my hospital appointment yesterday that ran a bit late when me and Cassie got chatting in a toilet to a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient from the same town as where I am living! Then we played supermarket sweep and then raced home! 

Positives this week…my dad is finally feeling a bit better so he could drive them to see me! And I went out bald… No hat, no scarf, no wig! Cooksey’s are on the up! 

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