Food glorious food. 

So I’m trying to be healthy … Ish… While I can. The steroids have finished and this worries me! As last time they finished I was basically in bed for a week solid in agony, and I’m scared this will happen again! 

So I’m trying to do my oil pulling of coconut oil for 15 minutes, I have new mouth thrush mouthwash, my white blood cells injections have been delayed until Monday and hopefully cross fingers I will feel bit better this time around! 

I also got so down that I have picked back up my old antidepressants up but I really want counselling not tablets but I’m going to try and to resist taking them and really pick up on my brain health in other ways. Food, herbs, oil pulling, everything I can do to keep my brain functioning a little happier and healthier. 

But who knows. What will be will be. 

So today I have oil pulled with coconut oil for 15 minutes, and had my left over organic food from yesterday! (Reheated in the pan not the microwave!) 


chicken thighs pan backed in herbs, with organic veggie medley of squash, tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms.   

Left over organic veggie medley with added black olives and crispy bacon. 

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