The 5 day count down. 

Monday….. And the 5 day count down to chemo again. Number 3. 

Hopefully there won’t be any accidents this time. No leaks. My hand still hurts and had a mark and I just hope it goes away. 

I’m feeling honestly frustrated with the world and everyone in it today. Give me a wide birth today people as I am liable to explode over anything and everything. 

To make matters worse I’ve gone for a run and lasted 3 minutes until I was too tired to carry on and now I’m typing this frantically trying to type out my frustrations. 

I spend my days doing what everyone else wants and today I’m not going too. Because I don’t want to. I don’t want to be polite and nice I want to punch things and get my anger out. 

Seriously if you have issues today …. Don’t come to me. I have enough of my own.  

Live action angry face on my attempt at a run! 


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