A brief history of ME

Stayed in school: good grades and two degrees later. I loved learning, reading studying. I worked hard to do well.

Chased the dream: Athletics, I was a 100m -400m sprinter. I was sponsored up until the olympic 2012  games when in the training build up I had 3 car crashes. 

I dipped my hand into fitness and bikini competitions: Placing in each one and winning my last two bikini competitions. And doing well in fitness tests as well.

Relationships: had my share of the good and the bad. I’ve learn’t from them all! And still learning 

Food: I love it! All of it. Now I am in the search of organic, toxin free tasty food.

Girlie stuff: serial shopper, vogue reader and now in search of all products that are cruelty free, toxin free, paraban free that are good!

It just takes that one big moment to change your life, your focus, your priorities. 

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