Bikini diva to cancer whipcracker.  

As a former bikini diva, yep I strutted around in shiny bikinis. With fake hair, eye leashes, nails, tan…. You would think I would take the whole boobs being chopped off, getting fat, hair falling out, eyebrows, eye lashes shedding, no sunbeds allowed so becoming pale  really hard. 

And, I won’t lie, it did initially hit me hard, like I went crazy for a period of time. And then the warrior inside me said its just another way to ‘beast mode’ this world and win! 

But actually, when you think about it…. My fake stage appearance was great training for breast cancer! No I’m actually not kidding! 

Fake eye lashes…. It took me two years of competing to be able to get those things on my face! So when half my eye lashes left me …. I could use them (I only use them occasionally when self esteem is really low to make myself feel sexy).  Fake hair… Ok so extensions isn’t the same as a wig … But have you ever had those hoops stick in your head when you try to sleep… Bloody hell its painful! 

A wig can be itchy but you can take it off at the end of the day and I have embraced and loved, yes seriously loved, the change of appearance. One minute I’m a brunette beauty,  next a fiery red head, then a bouncing blonde! 

I’ve had more hairstyles in 20015 than my entire life! That’s with my own hair and with fake hair!

At the start of the year I had my hair scalp bleached to be a super blonde Wonder Woman for a Miss Galaxy Universe photo shoot and now I am bald! It’s a massive change but I’m still that same Wonder Woman… Apart from better! Yes better!  



Breast Cancer has taught me some hard lessons, some home truths and acceptance! All that being said I’m back on my healthy eating plan with no alcohol or bad food!  And to celebrate one week I had a banana pancake and black organic coffee in my good morning gorgeous mug from Laura. ( as you have to sometimes remind yourself you are gorgeous in a morning!) 

Recipe: half a banana, 2 free range eggs… Blended… Cook in coconut oil, use the other half banana inside the pancake and top with some French honey on the top (optional) 

Oh and on a side note my hair started falling out again a couple of days ago, that’s my hairy pillow! 

So I guess the bald/ thug look is staying with me for a little bit longer! 

And to any ladies at the start of the journey! Embrace the changes! And sleep! 😘


3 thoughts on “Bikini diva to cancer whipcracker.  

  1. Honey you are my true superhero wonder woman ….absolutely amazing and inspirational gorgeous lady….keep that in mind we are all believing you and praying that you will overcome all the obsticles still ahead of you xxx


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